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Our History

At Schein Ernst Mishra Eye, our foundation has been built on innovation, forward thinking, and patient centered care.


It All Begins

Warren C. Phillips

Dr. Phillips, the first residency trained Ophthalmologist in Central PA, started his practice known as Phillips Eye. He was noted for bringing new surgical techniques to the practice, including strabismus surgery for children.


Dr. Schein Joins the Team

Dr. Alan L. Schein

Dr. Schein joined Dr. Phillips, and was among the first Ophthalmologists to perform corneal transplants as well as offering intraocular lenses for cataract surgery. In the transition of Dr. Phillips’ retirement in 1979, Dr. Schein took over the practice and rebranded as Schein Eye.


Dr. Herbst Joins the Team

Dr. Herbst

Dr. Herbst joined Dr. Schein in 1991 and merged his solo practice in 2002 with what was known at the time as Schein Eye. He currently practices out of our Lemoyne office.


Dr. Ernst Joins the Team

Brett B. Ernst, MD

Dr. Ernst joined the practice and brought with him the concept of refractive surgery, commonly known as LASIK. The practice quickly became the premier refractive surgical office in the area. With a new Partner came an updated name of Schein Ernst Eye Associates.


Dr. Miller Joins the Team

Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller has been practicing since 1993 and joined the team of Schein Ernst Eye Associates in 1998. He currently practices out of our Harrisburg office.


Dr. Mishra Joins the Team

Dr. Mishra

Dr. Mishra joined the practice and brought new techniques such as quicker and more efficient ways to perform corneal transplant surgeries. Adding another Partner to the team meant another name rebranding into becoming what we are known today, Schein Ernst Mishra Eye.


Dr. Sieber Joins the Team

Dr. Sieber

Dr. Sieber owned his private practice for ten years before merging with Schein Ernst Mishra Eye in 2012. He currently practices out of our Lemoyne office.


Harrisburg Office and Surgery Center Opens

Also in 2012, Schein Ernst Mishra Eye brought a new dream to life by opening the Harrisburg office and Surgery Center located at 10 Capital Drive. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to provide a level of care that we wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else.


Dr. Schein Retires

Dr. Alan L. Schein

In 2014, Dr. Schein retired with over 35 years of service.


Dr. Paden Joins the Team

Dr. Paden

In 2021, Dr. Paden joined Schein Ernst Mishra Eye with 15 years of experience. He currently practices out of our Harrisburg office.


Dr. Klombers Retires

Dr. Lee A. Klombers

After 32 years of service, Dr. Klombers retired from practice, having helped thousands achieve a better visual outcome for life.

Dr. Ernst Retires

Brett B. Ernst, MD

After 30 years of service, Dr. Ernst is retiring from practice in December 2023.

We currently have 20 exam rooms and 35 employees between our two convenient locations in Central Pennsylvania.

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