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Take a moment to read what our patients have experienced with our doctors, staff and the LASIK procedure. Our patients are honest in their results and comments. If you have any questions about a particular testimonial, surgeon or treatment, please call our office at: 800-347-5274.


I was burdened with glasses at a very young age. Without them I could only see what was in front of my face.I used contacts for a few years but my eyes would dry out to much the older I got. When I heard about LASIK I was scared but decided to schedule my appointment.Thank you to Doctor Mishra and his team, they were the best. They talked me through the whole procedure and assured me that I was doing a good job. This was by far a life changing decision and one of the best decisions I ever made. To anyone thinking about LASIK or where to go, check out Schein Ernst Mishra Eye.
To begin with, cataract surgery as with any surgery is serious. We are talking about the eyes after all. My experience with the staff and doctors at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye was a truly rewarding experience. All of the staff were attentive, very professional and genuinely liked people (you can not fake that). I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal call from Dr. Mishra the night of my initial surgery. My entire experience was exceptional and with the addition of a patient portal, that allows me to access my records, I would highly recommend Schein Ernst Mishra Eye to all my friends and family.
Dr. Ernst performed my Lasik and multifocal inplant surgery about two years ago. WOW WOW I am so happy with the results. I am 67 years old and had worn glasses since 5th grade. I no longer wear ANY glasses, except sunglasses. I can read everything without glasses and see everything clearly. I just had my annual checkup this week and my vision is still 20/20 for distance and reading. I would highly recommend this surgery it is well worth it:))
I’m coming up quickly on my one-year appointment post-op for Lasik eye surgery, and I am so happy I chose Schein Ernst Mishra! I barely ever think about my eyes anymore, and I can’t tell you how refreshing that is! The surgery itself was very quick and the nurses were all very soothing, even holding my hand because I am nervous about anything around my eyes. However, it was over and I was headed home before I knew it. I was back into the regular flow of life within a week of my surgery, and I could drive to the follow-up appointment by myself the very next day. To anyone thinking about Lasik or where to go– definitely check out Schein Ernst Mishra.
A few years ago, my husband had PRK surgery done at Schein Ernst Eye to improve his vision. The results were so good, it wasn’t long before I booked my own appointment for LASIK. The entire staff was very helpful and accommodating through the process. Dr. Mishra performed both of our procedures and I couldn’t praise him enough. I was completely at ease, knowing I was in the care of such a well-established and knowledgeable ophthalmologist. The surgery itself went wonderfully and by the next day, I had 20/15 vision. I would highly recommend Schein Ernst Mishra Eye to a friend (in fact, I already have several times) and to date, I still regard it as one of the best investments that I’ve ever made.
Jennifer Patel
I was previously employed by Dr. Ernst and Dr. Mishra as their surgery nurse a few years ago. I was able to witness on a first hand basis how both doctors took excellent care of their patients and exhibited very careful attention to details in their work. Even after relocating out of state, I decided without question I wanted to have my LASIK procedure done at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye with the doctors and staff I trusted. I was pretty nervous for my procedure but the staff made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I appreciated that the whole process was explained to me step by step so I knew what to expect. The procedure itself was very quick, easy and painless. The next day at my follow-up I had 20/15 vision – better than my I even had with contacts. I highly recommend Schein Ernst Mishra Eye for anyone considering getting LASIK. I only wish I would have done it sooner!
I am so relieved with my experience at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye. Understandably, I’m petrified when anyone comes near my eyes and I have to try and remain calm even for simple eye exams. I was nervous about choosing the right facility for my LASIK eye surgery, but those fears were put to rest at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye. From my first consultation onwards, the friendly staff has handled me and my nervousness with the greatest of care. All of the front desk staff greet me by my name and both Dawn and Michelle have gone out of their way to help answer my questions. Dr. Ernst’s professionalism and tact has been greatly reassuring as well, and the surgery itself went just fine, even though I was apprehensive and jumpy beforehand. Life after LASIK is incredible. I don’t have glasses on my face or contacts in my eyes, but the very next day I felt comfortable enough (and safe enough!) to drive the car to the office for the follow-up appointment. If I had to do the experience again, I wouldn’t think twice. I am absolutely comfortable entrusting my eyesight to Dr. Ernst and his wonderful staff.
I had LASIK procedure done on March 19, 2015. I was very impressed with the procedure itself and Dr. Ernst and his staff. They were very professional and informative throughout the entire process. During the actual procedure, they let me know what was going on every step of the way and frequently asked me if I was okay. I am very happy with the results. I was very impressed with Dr. Ernst when he called me at home later in the day on the day of my procedure to make sure I was doing okay. The follow-up appointment the next day went very well. The staff checked to make sure everything was progressing okay, informed me of everything I needed to do, and let me know what I should expect in the upcoming week. Although the procedure is not for everyone, I would definitely recommend having it done at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye.
My LASIK experience was the best it could possibly have been! Every staff member was professional, caring, and knowledgeable. You feel like an individual at Schein-Ernst, not that you are just another patient. As an RN myself, I know what medical care can be like, and I know the risks. I never had any doubt or insecurities about trusting my eyes to Dr. Ernst. Not only was I impressed with his surgical skill, I loved how personal and friendly he was to me and my family. Also, the OR staff was great! They talked to me and explained what was happening each step of the way. I’ve never felt (or seen) better! Thank you to everyone at Schein-Ernst Eye Care – I will recommend you to everyone! 
I received exceptional care from the doctors and LASIK staff at Schein-Ernst Eye Associates. The staff was extremely caring and supportive of my being nervous prior to surgery. Dr. Ernst spoke with me the minute I was brought into the OD. We even spoke of things off topic to ease my mind. I was walking through the procedure and everything was happening. I was told exactly what to expect. Dr. Ernst and his LASIK OR Staff are the epitome of compassion and quality patient care. I live approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from the nearest SEE Associates Center. I can say the commute down and back from each appointment was well worth the trip. If I had to do it all over again, I would not change one thing. I highly recommend!!!
Of course I was concerned having my eyes operated on. I am by trade a crane operator and instructor so clarity and my perception need to be precise. I discussed my situation with Dr. Ernst and he took the time to help me decide which procedure would be best for my needs. I wanted to wait 1 week before writing this so I can give a true evaluation. It was without a doubt the best decision for me and my needs. I still get excited and thrilled when I wake up in the and can see everything. In my situation my eye sight is a little hazy yet, but I see noticeable improvement everyday. Thank you to Dr. Ernst and ALL the staff who truly showed they cared about me and my well being. In my opinion don’t wait any longer to get this done and DON’T call anyone else!!!
Schein Ernst is by far the BEST LASIK Provider in our area. Over 9 years I had consultations at 4-5 different facilities. I can’t say enough how happy I am to have waited for the surgery. A co worker referred me and from the first phone call everyone was very friendly and welcoming . Dr Mishra took such great care of me and the time he spent going over my fears and anxiety was very much appreciated. Never did they hold back information, good or bad. Every step of my recovery, he explained in full detail, which calmed my worries. My eyes were a -9.75, I thought I would be stuck with contacts forever. Thank you so much to the Schein Ernst Team for giving me this gift! Best money ever spent and I continue to tell everyone I “see’ how happy I am with the results of your team
I had worn glasses or contacts since I was in second grade. I was tired of all the hassles of contacts and glasses just weren’t an everyday option for me. I had been thinking about LASIK for several years but never got around to doing it. After speaking with several other LASIK patients and hearing how happy they were, I finally decided to go through with it. My Uncle referred me to Dr Ernst and I made arrangements immediately. I was so thrilled with how easy the entire process was! Everyone at Schein Ernst is so friendly and they really make you feel as though you are their only concern. I am so happy with my results and have been recommending LASIK to everyone I know. Thank you Dr Ernst! I can finally see clearly!
The quality of care that Schein + Ernst provided to me the day of my surgery was extraordinary! The time and effort they had given me before and after my surgery was above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Ernst was great and Dawn, one of the assistance, was fabulous. It’s been over a week and I am still adjusting to my new vision/ My right eye is 20/20 and my left is 20/25 or 20/30. Swelling is still there. I have had a week checkup already and will go back in 1 1/2 weeks again. I do not see as clear as I did with contacts but they say it will come in time. Some others heal faster than others. I have spoken to others in the Schein + Ernst office and they’ve had great results. I hope to be one soon as well. Schein + Ernst thank you and I’ll see you soon again. I recommend your services to all.
I can’t stop smiling! I guess that pretty much sums it up because it’s hard to adequately express just how ecstatic I am about my new eyesight! After a year of continual problems, eye infections, and finally determining I was allergic to almost every kind of contact lens,my optometrist referred me to Dr Ernst for LASIK surgery. It was by far the best money I have ever spent! The staff offered information and support but in no way made me feel pressured to go this route. After going through the very thorough pre-op exam, I knew my eyes were in good hands! Dr Ernst was so friendly and great at explaining the procedure. It was very comforting to be taken care of by a staff that worked together like a well-oiled machine. Despite the fact that I was a new patient, everyone made there made me feel like a longtime client that they knew personally! The day of the surgery Nicole put me at ease beforehand, and Dr Ernst and his surgical staff were fantastic and professional. It was especially reassuring to have Dr Ernst explain what I would be experiencing as he was performing the procedure. His call that night to follow up on my surgery and make sure my eyes were okay sealed the deal for me that I would recommend Schein Ernst Eye Associates to everyone! Working in the medical profession myself, I know sadly, that not all Drs take that kind of care with their patients.Thank you so much for giving me the freedom of better then 20/20 vision!!! It is awesome
My LASIK experience was awesome. It is just unbelievable how great I can see after LASIK the very next day.There are no words to describe my vision now, until you actually get it done and experience these outstanding results. It definitely surpassed my expectations and I would recommend LASIK to anyone who has to deal with contacts or glasses. Also, the staff at Schein Ernst Eye Associates were so caring and friendly, it could not have been better. They were so professional and answered any questions I had to help me make a great decision to have LASIK and assured me that everything will be ok even with a slight chance of complications that did make me really nervous. I waited 11 years by wearing contacts and glasses and wished I would have done it sooner, it definetly changed my life forever. Let them change your life now!
Thank you, Dr. Ernst for a wonderful experience with LASIK surgery. I can read without glasses and drive too with no glasses–simply amazing! From my first phone call with Dawn at your office, I encountered people who were friendly and helpful. My initial exam was thorough and answered all my questions about Lasik. From start to finish, I could not imagine a better experience! The day of surgery was a breeze, with personal attention to my needs, a procedure that lasted only minutes and then I was on my way home with post-op instructions. So simple! I am in awe of being able to see, up close and far away with no corrective lenses. Thank you, again and again!
I have had a phenomenal experience under the care of Dr. Mishra and the employees at Schein Ernst Eye Associates. The staff members are very professional and knowledgeable. Everyone is courteous and kind, actually listening and answering questions fully. The office and treatment rooms are very clean and everything is orderly. The procedures are clearly outlined and the patient is given instructions verbally and in writing. The opportunity to speak with staff members are on one in privacy is appreciated. After only one week from my second surgery, I can see better than I can ever remember. I appreciate the care provided. Thank You.
Going into my LASIK surgery I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think it was possible to fix my eyes. When I sat up after the machine finished on me, I immediately, literally couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything I looked at had so much detail that I couldn’t believe it. I see everything from a different perspective now and it has made my life a lit easier. And I have Dr. Schein and his associates and helpers to thank. Before my surgery they did an amazing job in explaining what to expect that I wasn’t nervous when I went in.
One thing that made me even happier than the results themselves was the phone call I received that night from Dr. Schein checking on me. He showed to my family and I that not only does he just do the surgery right, he also cares so much about how your vision really is. I believe that it’s extremely hard to find a doctor that actually checks on you after you left his office. I would recommend Dr. Schein and his team to everyone, they do great work and care for you better and more sincerely than anywhere else. Thank you so much guys….I can see.
Why did I wait so long to have LASIK?!! I was scared!
After 24 years of wearing contacts and glasses, I figured I wasn’t getting any younger and the time was now! Dr. Ernst came highly recommended from two of my friends that had a great experience when he performed their LASIK surgery. As a nurse myself, I was extremely impressed from the moment I walked in the office. Dawn was wonderful – so knowledgeable, friendly and answered my many questions with great detail. She immediately put me at ease!
Dr. Ernst and the surgery staff was great. The procedure was quick and painless, and the staff was very comforting. I’ve had great results – 20/15 vision!! I’m amazed every day how incredible my vision is and how easy the entire process was.
Why didn’t I do this sooner? I had a great experience and highly recommend the procedure and Schein Ernst Eye.
Thank you!!!
Dear Dr. Ernst,
We just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your friendly staff for a great job done on Joe’s eyes. He loves being able to see the clock and everything else without extra lenses. It’s wonderful.
Thank you so much for the very special checkup phone call done personally by you. We were so impressed for the call, plus it wasn’t a nurse. It was you. Wow!
Thank you also for the gift of a huge chocolate bar – that was special and we really appreciate the whole wonderful experience!
We will highly recommend you to anyone!
Joe and Gwen
Dear Dr. Ernst,
I have heard your commercials on Wink 104, and I am proud to endorse Schein Ernst Associates to my friends and family. If I was to write a commercial, this is what I would say:
“My name is Joy and I am a patient of Dr. Brett Ernst. I experienced the fine care at Schein Ernst Eye Associates five years ago and I am still telling my friends about it. In fact, several friends and my husband are now glasses free. Wouldn’t it be nice to give yourself a gift that you could have with you every day? I can now enjoy swimming, going to the beach, snow tubing, sports and everyday life without glasses. Schein Ernst Eye Associates was professional and caring from beginning to end. You feel at ease with the staff and know that they care about you. The level of care I received surpassed my expectations. I must say that Dr. ernst is a true blessing and LASIK is one of the best things I have ever done fro myself. Isn’t it time you do something for you? If you want to see great, call Schein Ernst Associates today!”
I honestly cannot believe it has been five years. Thank you for showing what true customer service and patient care is all about. It takes a lot to impress me and I honestly could not be happier.
My experience started with a phone call to Dawn to schedule my consultation. She was able to fit me in quickly as I had to travel 2 hours each way for any appointments. Testing and the consultation with Dr. Ernst was very quick, easy, and informative. A bit of time was spent on the issue of monovision versus correcting for distance.
I elected to not have the monovision. The surgery day arrived and all the staff were very helpful in preparation and during the 10 minutes actually in the suite. I would say my experience has been extremely pleasurable even though it was surgery. After more than 35 years of glasses and contacts to see clearly past a few feet I now only use the lowest power reading glasses for smaller fonts. 20/15 in each eye. My only issue is why did I wait so long? Thank you Dr. Ernst and staff.
I was fearful of having Lasik. However, the day of the procedure, the quiet confidence of the surgical team put me at ease. It was clear they had performed the procedure many times as the surgery proceeded in a swift and precise manner. These folks are real”pros”.
I am pleased I chose to have Lasik. My vision is Crystal Clear. Special Kudos to Dr. Ernst and his staff for the best possible eye care. They went above and beyond in the service they provided, and I am so grateful for the quality results I’ve achieved in my vision.
It is hard to believe I had LASIK eye surgery three months ago. I am not one to spend money on myself, but this was well worth it. It is definitely life changing! It is amazing how quickly I got out of the habit of putting my contacts in and out.
I was, and still am, TOTALLY impressed with my experience at Schein Ernst Eye Associates. The care I received from Dr. Mishra, Dawn and the staff was remarkable! I personally haven’t had even a minute of trouble with my eyes. The surgery was a breeze, and they talked me through the whole procedure, which was very comforting.
I also enjoyed that my local eye doctor can do my follow-up visits. I now have a lot of jealous friends saving their pennies! Thank you Dr. Mishra for totally changing my eyes…and my life!
I would like to thank you for my outstanding care and experience during my recent visit and procedure for LASIK surgery. I truly appreciate the professionalism and expertise when it came to understanding what was involved with the procedure and what my expectation should be.
My eyes feel great, and it is a pleasure not to wear my contacts or glasses. The procedure was so simple, and I honestly can’t believe it was done so quickly.
As I heal, I will continue to take great care of my vision and be mindful of your explanations regarding results. Thank you again, and I look forward to visiting you with future referrals.
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