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What Should I Expect My Vision to Be Like for The First Few Weeks After Surgery?


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LASIK is one of the most popular and sought after corrective eye surgery options primarily due to its incredibly quick recovery time. Most patients find they have near perfect vision just minutes after the procedure. Although eyesight is greatly improved within 24 hours, LASIK recovery, just like any surgery, varies from patient to patient. At Schein Ernst Mishra Eye we advise patients not to panic if their vision seems cloudy or hazy. Overall recovery can take upwards of 3 to 6 months until vision fully stabilizes but most patients can see clearly 1 to 3 days post-op. As safe and effective as laser eye surgery is, blurry vision is very common following surgery. Within the first few hours following LASIK surgery, patients experience mild pain or discomfort including an itchy, burning sensation and light sensitivity. Patients are advised to try to nap and rest their eyes to alleviate these issues. Redness of the eyes is another common symptom immediately following surgery. Eye drops to properly lubricate the eye will be prescribed by the surgeon to combat dryness of the eye and help the cornea heal. 

The most important part of the LASIK recovery period is the post-operative care and follow-up appointments. The surgeon will provide a list of what to do and what not to do to aid in LASIK recovery time. Patients should wear eye guards to protect the corneal flap (it is recommended to wear eye shields for the first day after surgery and at night or when sleeping for 4-5 days post-surgery), use prescribed eye drops to prevent dryness and inflammation, and be sure to schedule follow-up visits. Follow-up visits with your eye doctor are scheduled at regular intervals to ensure proper healing and to monitor vision. Patients should not go swimming in pools or hot tubs, wear makeup or lotion around the eye area or go in areas with lots of dust or smoke. 

It is not unusual to encounter other minor side effects after LASIK surgery including halos around lights, starbursts, light sensitivity, dry eye and soreness. The LASIK complication rate is less than 1% and most patients notice their symptoms resolve on their own in a matter of time as the eyes heal.

For more frequently asked questions and to schedule your LASIK evaluation, contact the team at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye by 717-233-3937 or WEBSITE.

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