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Cataract Evaluation

A cataract evaluation at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye involves several pain-free tests to determine your eye health. These cataract tests are very important to identify the presence, severity and position of any cataracts that may be affecting your vision. Plan to spend 3 hours at our office for this evaluation. We’ve streamlined multiple visits for a cataract evaluation into one comprehensive exam where you will be tested, educated and have the opportunity to schedule your surgery. We’ll provide snacks for you to have during this appointment or you are welcome to bring your own as well.

Cataract Tests

  • Visual acuity test to assess your distance and near vision
  • Refractive error measurement to determine your glasses prescription
  • Assessment of your lenses to determine the presence any cataracts
  • Evaluation of your retinal health (back of the eye) with dilation
  • Eye pressure measurement to determine the presence of glaucoma
  • Review of your overall health
  • Topographer: used to evaluate your cornea for premium correction options
  • Zeiss OCT: used to scan your retina
  • IOL Master 700: to determine the power of yours lens implant

Depending on the outcome of these initial tests, your Harrisburg cataract doctor may request other testing if other eye issues are suspected.

Dilation is required to fully assess your cataract and eye health. You may want to have a friend or family member drive you home after your cataract evaluation.

Get Your Cataract Questions Answered

During your cataract evaluation, we will ask you questions about how your vision is interfering with your daily activities and we encourage you to ask any question you have about your condition and your treatment options. At Schein Ernst Mishra Eye we are committed to providing you with as much education as possible so you can make your own informed decision about how to care for your eye health.

We also encourage you to do some research prior to your evaluation by talking to your regular eye doctor and researching your options online.

Contact us today to schedule a cataract evaluation and learn more about your options for vision improvement.

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